Gaylley Tonga

Rock/Pop Singing & Piano Teacher

Gaylley graduated from Santo Tomas University with a Bachelor of Music degree in Classical & Pop Singing and  Piano performance.

She is a versatile and experienced singer and pianist with a passion for helping other young vocalists who wants to accomplish their goals musically and achieve their musical dreams.

She has got over 12 years of experience in teaching Piano, Pop& Rock and Classical Singing. She is an expert in teaching singers exactly 'what to do' to sing their best in Pop & Rock with the Concepts, Posture, Support, Breathing, Resonance, Vibrato, Range, Power, Articulation and Vocal Fold Closure & Register Blending. She has performed with many Rock bands as a main vocalist and keyboard player.

She teaches technical and informative vocal skills necessary to master the vocal styles of pop/rock greats of many great Legends ranging from pop to hard rock.

She is one of thevocalists of TYMMI rock band and she teaches Rock & Pop singing, piano and also classical singing at the Institute.